Tragic Details About The Cast Of Saved By The Bell

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For many ‘90s kids, no show was as near and dear to the heart as “Saved by the Bell.” Although the original series only ran for four seasons, fans watched the kids of Bayside High go through all the ups and downs of adolescence with humor, thoughtfulness, and a few convenient time outs. “Saved by the Bell” may have captured a seemingly innocent era, but things weren't as carefree behind the scenes for these budding young stars. Sadly, not all issues can be resolved in 30 minutes. From bad deals to personal woes, here are the tragic details about the cast of “Saved by the Bell.” #90sKids #SavedByTheBell #Cast A boyfriend’s death | 0:00 Rough go with 90210 | 1:30 Dustin Diamond's troubled life | 2:44 Bayside's outcast | 3:56 Dying young | 5:12 The death of Mrs. B | 6:25 Swindled out of royalties | 7:32 Mistreated by an ex | 8:45 Lark Voorhies' mental health | 9:49 Bullied out of Hollywood | 11:03 Battle with Scientology | 12:08 Tori Spelling's cheating husband | 13:15 Didn't get to be kids | 14:22 Read full article:
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