One year anniversary of Uvalde shooting

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A year after Texas' deadliest school shooting killed 19 teachers and two children, victims and their families continue to be frustrated over accountability. Cowardice, lack of sufficient training, and incompetence have all been blamed for why police waited more than an hour to breach the classroom and subdue an 18-year-old gunman on May 24, 2022. On July 12, a special Texas House committee released a thorough and damning report on the law enforcement response, showing that systematic failures went far beyond the school district's police department. In board rooms, at protest rallies, and outside offices and police stations, Uvalde families spent a large part of the last year demanding accountability at all levels. And while they believe more needs to be done, several leaders, officers, troopers and administrators who were involved in the shooting response resigned, were fired or were re-assigned. Others stayed in their positions despite calls for them to step down. READ MORE:
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