Heidi Montag Breaks Down How She Lost 22 Pounds Without Ozempic

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Heidi Montag’s idea of the perfect body has changed significantly over the years. “I used to want skinny legs and the gap in between the thighs — I thought that was such a staple of being fit,” she exclusively tells Us Weekly in a cover story. “Now my opinion of what’s sexy and what’s healthy is so different.” After giving birth to her second child, son Ryker, in November 2022, the Hills alum, 37, decided to up her workout game. (She also shares son Gunner, 6, with husband Spencer Pratt.) Montag cut down on sugar, bread and alcohol and started using Hydroxycut. She’s down 22 pounds in three months and feels better than she has in years. “I love how strong and toned my arms are,” says Montag. “It’s been really fun to flex for my husband. I’m like, ‘Yeah, look at these!’ This is the best I’ve ever felt.” Florence Pugh: 'I'm Never Losing Weight' to Look 'Fantastic' for a Movie Montag opens up about her journey with body image in Us Weekly‘s newest issue: You look great! Thank you! Getting stronger was my main goal. I’m all about longevity and a sustainable health program. For me, it’s not about the weight, though; it’s about strength. Are you surprised by how much your body has changed? I am in a very good way. I didn’t have an expectation of how my body would look after two children. When I look in the mirror, I’m thrilled. Is this the most confident you’ve ever been? Yes, especially considering my age. I can’t really compare myself to when I was 20, lifting weights and having a perfectly flat stomach. I’m not going to have the same body, and that’s OK. I look at someone like Jennifer Lopez, and that makes me think you can be hot and fit and older and timeless. How exactly did you do it? I cut out a lot of carbs. I had bread once a day, and I cut down on sugar and alcohol. I also made sure to get a little bit more sleep, which is a big deal. Welcome to Plathville’s Barry Is in His Revenge Era — and He's Ripped What about exercise? I worked out five to seven times a week, only for an hour, because with mom life, that’s all I had. It’s a lot of weight training, which I continue to do. Squatting, pushups, pullups, ring rows, lunges — just your basic workout at a high, intense weight. You’re also running around after two kids… It’s a lot. I like to be outside with the boys and go on hikes with them. And with Ryker, when I’m holding him, I’ll drop and do 10 squats. So I try to work out on the go as well. Do you have a trainer? Spencer would call himself a trainer sometimes! He’s …
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