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Free Birds - Saving Turkey Chicks: The turkeys flee the colonists fire trap as it consumes their longtime home. BUY THE MOVIE: Watch the best Free Birds scenes & clips: Subscribe and click the bell to be notified of all your favorite movie scenes: FILM DESCRIPTION: Pardoned by the president, a lucky turkey (Owen Wilson) named Reggie gets to live a carefree lifestyle, until fellow fowl Jake (Woody Harrelson) recruits him for a history-changing mission. Jake and Reggie travel back in time to the year 1621, just before the first Thanksgiving. The plan: Prevent all turkeys from ever becoming holiday dinners. Unfortunately, the two birds encounter colonist Myles Standish (Colm Meaney), out to capture feathered friends for all the hungry Pilgrims. CREDITS: TM & © Relativity Media (2013) Cast: Amy Poehler, Carlos Alazraqui, Colm Meaney, Danny Carey, Keith David, Owen Wilson, Robert Beltran, Woody Harrelson Director: Jimmy Hayward Screenwriter: Jimmy Hayward, Scott Mosier ► Learn more: Watch More: ► Rotten Tomatoes Originals: ► Fresh New Clips: ► Hot New Trailers: ► New TV This Week: Rotten Tomatoes MOVIECLIPS is the largest collection of movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films.
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