Andie MacDowell Reveals The Messages She’d Tell Her Past Self | TZR

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Andie MacDowell has had the kind of career that most actors can only dream about. She got her feet wet modeling for some of the most luxurious brands on the market, and then quickly found her way to the silver screen. Lucky for us, MacDowell will be coming to Netflix on Oct. 1 in a gripping new drama, ‘Maid.’ Her authenticity, both on and off screen, is just one of the qualities that keeps her lifelong fans coming back and her new fans freshly enchanted. MacDowell has learned plenty of lessons along her journey and was gracious enough to share a select few on set with TZR. In this episode of ‘Messages to Me,’ MacDowell gives some insight on what she might have said to herself during monumental moments in both her personal life and her career. Looking back, MacDowell tells her younger self to trust her soul and points out that there's always room for a pinch more fun. Check out the video above to hear some words of wisdom from this successful star.
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